Mast and tower construction

When choosing to install a mast or tower with GP Systems, our customers will save on construction and maintenance costs. As one of Latvia’s telecommunication tower installers, we offer the supply and installation of optimized masts from 20m up to 100m height. We offer tried and tested, as well as individually tailored solutions that exactly meet your business objectives.

We offer

Over time, tower structure designs have changed from heavy structures to lighter and more efficient designs, which we use in our practice. We perform different difficulty level tower, pole, pillar and supporting structure assembly and installation. We also offer to install aviation lighting, safety equipment, electricity line construction, as well as access roads and fences. We will deliver and install any of your chosen antenna, as well as pass on the object in service.

All of our delivered and installed constructions are of the optimum weight and wind resistance for each wind region, providing high flexibility and ease of assembly. The constructions and materials are manufactured and supplied according to customers needs and are in accordance with all laws and technical regulations.

Tell us what you need!

Our experts will gladly advise you on your projects required mast or tower installation. Based on your companies specifications and needs, we will offer you the best possible deal. Contact us today and together we will achieve the best results. 

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