Radio relay communication lines
GP Systems installs high quality radio relay transmission systems enabling safe data transfer and internet provision for your business. We can offer and supply NEC, Cergaon, SAF, as well as any of your chosen radio relay transmission antenna kit. We offer personalized service for all size businesses and government organizations.

We offer

  • Physical examination of the link, terrain and determination of required height based on GPS coordinates;
  • Design and full approval by the responsible bodies;
  • Material and equipment purchase, delivery and installation;
  • Radio relay installation and assembly;
  • Software installation and setup;
  • Communication network testing and commissioning;
  • Warranty service;
  • Fast and efficient repair works throughout Latvia within 4 hours.

Every radio-relay design is in accordance to EU standards and regulations. We can diagnose any fault and malfunction remotely, enabling us to respond to the problem as quickly as possible guaranteeing continuous and stable supply of services.

Phone: +371 27097338