Architectural design
GP Systems will provide your business with licensed and certified design solutions. Our team consists of highly skilled specialists with extensive experience in various level difficulty project design.

We specialize in a wide range of project designs – from telecommunication systems and data transmission networks to alarm system network design.

We design

  • All kinds of internet antennas and base stations;
  • All kinds of mobile operator base station setup and maintenance on towers, chimneys, building rooftops and other structures;
  • Telecommunication mast and tower construction projects;
  • Radio relay communication lines;
  • Optical networks;
  • Low-voltage networks (LAN);
  • Wi-Fi networks;
  • Video surveillance systems;
  • All kinds of electrical networks;
  • Warning and control systems;
  • Security, fire alarm and access control systems;
  • Telecommunication and unconvential design solutions.

We have all the necessary equipment and hardware for project design. To ensure regulatory requirements and absolute safety, we supervise each installation process.

Taking in account your requirements and analyzing them with our engineers, we can provide a transparent technical and economic calculation. GP Systems ensures the full project cycle – from project conception to finalizing legal matters.

Phone: +371 27097338