Fiber optic and low-voltage networks (LAN)
Fiber optic networks
Our company's services include fiber optic cable installation and maintenance, which is currently the most advanced internet connection and data type with high transmission rate and communication quality.
GP Systems specialists will install and build optical networks in apartment buildings, overhead lines, and underground power cables.

We offer

Today's demand for mobile, video and cloud-based services places a huge load on your data network lowering the speed and quality of data transmission. We offer  a versatile and dynamic network solution that can adapt to your changing business needs.
  • GP Systems create a comprehensive optical network with multi-network communicationtechnology to speed up internet services;
  • Optical cable networks are installed in secure locations reducing the risk of damage;
  • Strategic network installation for easy and convenient optimization;
  • We design and install according to customer requirements for network functionality and speeds;
  • We provide network monitoring and maintenance.
Widely accessible data transport services will allow you to fully realize the potential of your business!

Low-voltage networks (LAN)
Our company’s services include low-voltage cable installation and maintenance for video surveillance, alarm systems, fire protection, access control and other systems for your safety as well as for internal data network security in your office or building.

Low voltage (LAN) data network infrastructure

GP Systems focuses on every business segment and company sizes. We provide various level complexity in low-voltage line assembly works. Our experienced and qualified specialists ensure the best results for your company.

  • Cable networks will be installed in safe places, to reduce the risk of cable damaging;
  • We guarantee strategic set up configuration for easy optimization, without having to change the installed network.
  • We design and install in any place, where technically possible.

Our strengths are flexibility, close customer relationships, optimal needs analysis and consulting. We will support you with our expertise to find the best solution for your business needs and maintain a long-term relationship.

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