Video surveillance
For the safety of your property GP Systems offers indoor, outdoor daytime and night vision surveillance cameras. High-quality cameras, lenses, monitors and recording systems ensure professional video surveillance at any circumstances.

What we offer

Thanks to innovations and the latest available technologies, we can design a variety of security systems to meet all your business needs – from a single camera to large scale systems of hundreds of cameras.

Installing each camera, we assess future risks allowing the system to be flexible for improvement, without having to invest large funds.

GP Systems surveillance solutions:

  • Digital video surveillance;
  • IP video surveillance;
  • Megapixel video surveillance;
  • Infrared camera surveillance.

Our company’s highly skilled technicians will determine the most suitable video surveillance system for your needs and possibilities. For your convenience, we have prepared a variety of video surveillance offers, including digital IP, megapixel and infrared cameras. We also offer regular or hidden remote video surveillance via internet.

We offer surveillance systems for large areas with the option to transmit signals through antennas, rather than cable networks. This solution is perfect for even the most remote and secret places of your property.

For industrial projects we offer tailor-made surveillance solutions. GP Systems will tend to your specific needs and choose the most suitable equipment, camera type and location guaranteeing the security of your property.
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