Nurse call systems
GP Systems offers medical communication equipment supply, providing health care professionals with state of the art equipment. We will add value to your medical care services providing reliable equipment within your budget limits.

We offer

We offer two-way audio systems for nurse and patient communication – the nurse can see, which patient is calling and can communicate in real-time.

 Nurse call systems:
  • Designed for installation in hospitals, nursing homes, etc.;
  • Provides two-way audio communication;
  • Devices are set up near patients beds, usually on walls;
  • The devices are connectable with computers to register and record all calls;
  • 999 devices can be connected to the main communication hub;
  • It is also possible to record the audio information of the calls.
Now you can acquire high-quality medical communication equipment in Latvia, including warranty. We provide a simple purchase process and consultations before and after product installation.
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