Mobile telecom tower
GP Systems offers to buy and lease mobile telecommunications towers. Towers are available in two versions - up to 30 metres or 42 metres high. The kit fits in a trailer and is therefore available to deliver in any customer selected location.
Mobile kit is provided with:
  • Hardware cabinet;
  • Electrical switchgears;
  • Winches;
  • Masts with heights of up to 30 or 42 metres;
  • Screw pile;
  • Additional weights for brace platforms.
Additional equipment/services we offer:
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) in equipment room;
  • Portable generator;
  • Security alarm;
  • Video surveillance;
  • Security personnel on the facility;
  • Approval from legal bodies;
  • Mast assembly/disassembly;
  • Advertisement on the trailer wall.
Phone: +371 27097338